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The lost worlds of Hollywood have been much on the minds of bloggers and reporters in June, including some rediscovered treasures that are sure to warm any movie lover’s heart:

The biggest news on the lost-film front in recent years has to be the discovery in New Zealand of 75 silent movies that were long considered gone forever, including a feature by John Ford, a chapter of the otherwise extinct serial The Active Life of Dolly of the Dailies, a Mabel Normand comedy short and more. There’s a nice story on the rediscovered trove at the Los Angeles Times site, and a New York Times piece with a slideshow of tasty stills.
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Billy the Kid On Screen (Pt. 1)

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He’s been called everything from a homicidal moron to a cowboy Robin Hood – but whoever and whatever Billy the Kid really was, cialis his brief and bloody career earned him an enduring place in the American imagination…and created a virtual cottage industry in Hollywood, discount where his legend has been mined, generic refined and reshaped in more than 60 motion pictures.
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May Exits

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Helen Wagner
Sept. 3, 1918-May 1, 2010

Danny Aiello III
Jan. 27, 1957-May 1, 2010

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May Links

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Movie magic is much on the minds of this month’s featured film bloggers, each of whom takes the stage with some smart and entertaining tricks up their sleeves:

The distinguished David Bordwell reviews a new crop of DVD extras, including a look at the evergreen special effects of the 1959 Disney fantasy Darby O’Gill and the Little People. Read more

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