January Links

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Movie bloggers kicked off 2011 with thoughts on nearly forgotten film classics and a lengthy rumination on the latest rebooted big screen fad; also, mind a look back at a unique slice of atom-age cheese from a beloved Tokyo studio.

Turner Classic Movies Morlock blogger “davidkalat” makes a strong case for the unplumbed virtues of the much-maligned 1932 Buster Keaton-Jimmy Durante comedy The Passionate Plumber and takes a clear-eyed look at the part Keaton himself played in the decline of his career. Read more

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The Sixteen Mesquiteers (Pt. 2)

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(In Part 1, we saw how Western novelist William Colt MacDonald’s popular pulp stories about a fighting cowboy trio slowly made their way to the screen in the 1930s. After a faltering start with the low-budget The Law of 45’s, MacDonald’s Three Mesquiteers hit the big time with the release of “The Barnum and Bailey of Westerns,” Powdersmoke Range.) Read more

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