Movie bloggers did themselves proud in April, zipping back and forth through film history from current events to downright rarities and fresh takes on some classics of the silent screen.

Pushing off from the 100th anniversary of the sink the A Life at the Movies blog plunged into an exhaustive survey of a century’s worth of films dealing with that less than unsinkable vessel’s ill-fated voyage.

TCM “morlock” David Kalat related the tangled history of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis and discussed why the version closest to the director’s original vision isn’t necessarily the official one.

Stacia of “She Blogged by Night” took a fresh look at Clara Bow’s career-launching vehicle It and served up a saucy bitch-slap to one of Bow’s biographers along the way.

The very busy David Kalat returned to offer an eye-gouging survey of the many, many faces of the Three Stooges.

David Cairns exhumed the mostly forgotten 1933 melodrama The Return of Bulldog Drummond, his nomination for a prime example of rare but earnest fascist commercial filmmaking.

Don’t panic, you knuckleheads – spread out and get a load of these highbrow links.

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On the blogs and websites devoted to movies March was all classics all the time, with talented writers working overtime to mine new nuggets from the golden age of the silver screen.

The Criterion Collection blog offered a sharp look at the fiftieth anniversary of Roman Polanski’s landmark 1962 drama Knife in the Water, and its place within not only the director’s body of work, but in world cinema.

“Tales of the Easily Distracted” blogger DorianTB served up a lengthy and entertaining investigation of Dick Powell’s career-changing performance as Raymond Chandler’s private eye Philip Marlowe in the wonderfully atmospheric noir classic Murder, My Sweet.

Blogger Cliff Aliperti discussed his own adventures – and some fascinating info encountered along the way – while nailing down the facts for an article about the 1944 Frederic March biopic The Adventures of Mark Twain on the “Immortal Ephemera” site.

Writer Gary Cahall pried open the Disney vault to weigh the pros and cons of the controversial Song of the South on The Great Entertainment Media Archive blog.

Dive in and soak up the knowledge in these fascinating links.

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