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May was all classics all the time with a particularly strong collection of blog posts and essays that ranged from looks at legendary performers to explorations of high art and even higher kitsch:

In a well-written and remarkably human online article, site critic Roger Ebert reminisced about time well spent in the presence of  John Wayne in the final years of the actor’s iconic career.

Taking a walk on the bizarre side, and writer David Cairn delved into the pulpy pleasures of Alberto Marro’s 1919 silent Spanish serial La Secta de los Misteriosos.

“Stacia,” of the first-rate She Blogged by Night site, contributed a thoughtful and beautifully illustrated look at Alfred Hitchcock’s  Rope as part of this year’s Hitch-centered For the Love of Film blogathon.

Not technically part of the Hitchcock event, but more than close enough: blogger Sheila O’Malley delivered an insightful analysis of Cary Grant’s turn as a conflicted spy in the 1946 classic Notorious.

Glenn Kenny of the Some Came Running blog recounted the search for a worthy DVD release of Orson Welles’ magnificent valentine to the Bard, Chimes at Midnight.

Hit the saddle, Pilgrim, and fill your hands with these hard riding links.

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Great Lobby Art 6

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Great Lobby Art 5

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