January’s writers about movies and television kicked off 2013 with a fascinating array of stories that took us from a critical look at a seminal film classic to a celebration of a beloved TV cult figure, from an appreciation of an oft-maligned broadcasting critic to some heavy thoughts on a low-budget drama about busybodies from outer space.

Spinning off Quentin Tarantino’s pugnacious remarks about Django Unchained, Glenn Kenny reflected on the uneasy achievement of D.W. Griffith’s still-controversial 1915 silent epic The Birth of a Nation on his Some Came Running site.

Kliph Nesteroff of the Classic Television Showbiz blog looked back at the forgotten (and virtually never screened) 1972 Nixon-Agnew satire Another Nice Mess, written and directed by comedian Bob Einstein and produced by Tom Smothers.

Journalist John Petkovic recalled the glory days of the late Ernie Anderson’s legendary late-night TV host “Ghoulardi” for the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Within the framework of reviewing recently released DVDs, classic-film blogger Ivan G. Shreve presented an entertaining look at the oeuvres of Norman Wisdom and Will Hay, British film comics little seen on this side of the Pond, on his Thrilling Days of Yesteryear site.

Mykal Banta resurrected his long-dormant Radiation Cinema blog for a smart and entertaining analysis of the 1957 off-beat cerebral SF drama the The 27th Day.

Terence Towles Canote offered a profile of Newton Minow, the outspoken 1960s FCC chairman whose achievements far surpassed delivering his famous “Vast Wasteland” speech on the A Shroud of Thoughts blog.

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