Online writers about movies covered the waterfront in March, with looks back at a pair of iconic actresses, one last stylish attempt at reviving the Yellow Peril, classic set design and a couple of offbeat extras.

Gary Cahall took us over the rainbow and beyond with an affectionate appreciation of the life and career of beloved character actress Margaret Hamilton at the Movies Unlimited site.

TCM “morlock” David Kalat offered a spirited defense of the underappreciated 1992 celebration of the Marx Brothers, Brain Donors.

The Grand Old Movies blog posted a lively take on the 1932 pre-Code sexy romp Red Headed Woman, starring Jean Harlow in her saucy prime.

Writer Jeff Flugel sang the praises of the decidedly un-PC – but highly entertaining – Christopher Lee/Nigel Green thriller The Face of Fu Manchu on The Stalking Moon blog.

At “The Forgotten,” David Cairns held forth on the Art Deco wet dream designs by Cedric Gibbons in the 1928 Our Dancing Daughters, with a side excursion covering the depiction of social class in MGM films.

Grady Hendrix of Film Comment returned us to the golden days of the Mad magazine movie parody, starring the usual gang of idiots.

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