Great Lobby Art 16

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April Links

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Movie blogging in April was dominated by thoughts on the death of a much-loved critical voice in the film community, rx accompanied by some solid writing on Golden Age classics of  the screen.

Turner Classics “morlock” Susan Doll contributed a typically sharp and well-researched look at the unwritten censorship of Hollywood films long before the notorious Pre-Code era.

Jeremy Richey wrote a fascinating new take on the social criticism embedded in Murnau’s 1922 groundbreaking vampire chiller Nosferatu: A Symphony of Terror on the Moon in the Gutter blog.

J. Gabriel, order writing as “monstergirl, hospital ” presented an epic interpretation of Edgar Ulmer’s 1934 The Black Cat on The Last Drive-In site.

David and Kristin Bordwell pooled their considerable talents to offer a heartfelt personal goodbye to the late Roger Ebert.

Find a kindred soul and share a look at these fascinating and well-written links.

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