Publication and a long stream of publicity duties forced this space to maintain radio silence for most of the last two months, so now we’re playing catch-up with an extra-long list of reviews, profiles and articles posted by writers on film and TV.

Farran Nehme, the Self-Styled Siren, wrote a fond and appreciative farewell to the late Hollywood songbird Deanna Durbin.

Terence Towles Canote offered a brief but comprehensive survey of the memorable juvenile science fiction TV shows of the ‘50s on the A Shroud of Thoughts blog.

“Gloria” of the Home Projectionist blog interviewed one-of-a-kind actor Austin Pendleton about his memories of the shooting of Otto Preminger’s 1968 Skiddoo.

Writing on The Forgotten site, David Cairns reflected on the imaginative delights of Gerhardt Lamprecht’s 1931 production of Emil and the Detectives.

Glenn Kenny took a fond look back at the career of the late and very great animator Ray Harryhausen on his Some Came Running blog.

TCM “morlock” David Kalat presented multiple takes on the career and reputation of classic comedian Harold Lloyd. Part One is available here, Part Two here, and Part Three here.

“Danny” of the site offered a fresh peek through the keyhole at one of the kinkiest and most reviled comedies of the early ‘30s, the 1934 Smarty.

Stacia Jones of She Blogged By Night gave us a sharp and humane look at Liberace’s single stab at movie stardom, the 1955 romantic drama Sincerely Yours.

C. Jerry Kutner toured some of the great “small town noirs” on the Bright Lights After Dark site.

Bill Gibron celebrated the accomplishments of the late acclaimed fantasy writer Richard Matheson, on the Popmatters site.

David Bordwell flashed back to the intricate parceling out of moments in time in Michael Curtiz’s 1945 noir tear-jerker Mildred Pierce.

Enjoy this super-sized post and start clicking on these interesting and entertaining links.

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