December Links

Nostalgic,esoteric, confessional and downright incisive, the best film blogs in December were a holiday package of insight and entertainment for movie lovers:

Kristin Thompson provided a sharp-eyed film historian’s reading of Scorsese’s Hugo, setting the record straight as to how George Melies was really re-discovered and adding a few autobiographical notes about the role the French wizard of film played in her own career.

Collector Bobby Beeman on the Universal Monster Army site offered information and some wonderful pictures of a 1943 Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man lobby display, including rare shots of surviving fixtures from those long-ago days of unabashed ballyhoo.

Also on the classic horror front, the site Vampire Over London reports on a recent auction of Bela Lugosi’s personal memorabilia, including some wonderful pre-Dracula theatrical portraits and personal photos…a charming reminder that beneath every icon is a human being – and, in this case, one with really snappy taste in shoes.

On the Los Angeles Review of Books site, writer F.X. Feeney looked back on his turbulent working and personal relationships with late director George Hickenlooper.

On the Notebook site, Luc Moullet held forth on the bravura ending sequences of two memorable King Vidor features, Duel in the Sun and Ruby Gentry.

Magician Ben Robinson conjured a professional opinion on Buster Keaton’s use of real-time sleight of hand while creating movie magic on the Moving Image Source site.

The Moviefone site reported on the 10 most pirated movies of 2011 – several of them surprisingly not targeted at the knuckleheads usually associated with illegal downloading.

Shoot on over and load up on these out-of-this-world links.

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