September Links

In addition to the expected smart meditations on modern-day films, many of the bloggers of September looked back at the greats of the silent days and gave us new ways of looking at the legends.

Farran Nehme, the “Self-Styled Siren,” offered a poignant anecdote about King Vidor and the irreplaceable “girl in black tights” of silent comedy, Mabel Normand.

TCM “morlock” David Kalat continued his informative meander through the evolution of early film comedy, featuring installments ranging from Harold Lloyd to Cary Grant, with stops along the way to focus on the legacy of the inimitable Charley Chase. September installments begin here, and continue here, here, here and here – all leading up to a promised conclusion next month.

Writer Cliff Aliperti gave us a fine appreciation of silent he-man star Milton Sills on the Immortal Ephemera site.

The great film commenter David Bordwell added another dimension to our appreciation of Hitchcock’s Dial M for Murder.

And Farran Nehme earned a second link with her tribute to the late Herbert Lom and his fine performances in The Seventh Veil and Night and the City.

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