The countdown of horror comedies continues with…

(1985, Dan O’Bannon)

Many have tried, but no zombie spoof has topped this one for sheer laugh-out-loud audacity. From its warehouse full of wriggling cadavers to Linnea Quigley’s graveyard striptease to the living dead ordering out over the police band, the outrageousness rarely lets up. And don’t miss Hollywood vet Clu Gulager’s magnificent deadpan delivery as he slowly descends into shrieking terror, made all the funnier by the utter conviction of his performance.

Deathless Prose:
ERNIE: “What the hell are in those bags?”
BURT: “Uh…rabid weasels.”

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(Part 1 began a look at Hollywood’s long-running love affair with the legend of Billy the Kid, whose brief and grubby real-life career came to an abrupt end at the hands of New Mexico sheriff Pat Garrett. The mythmaking continues:)
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